Talent gaps are expanding … A.I. is coming … the time is RIGHT NOW!

Culture of Experts

Culture of Experts is a free web-labyrinth for HR professionals, hiring managers and company leadership. It is a resource that can help you:

√  POSITION your organization for optimal talent and future change

√  UNDERSTAND Artificial Intelligence, as it redefines expert work

√  HIRE and DEVELOP Unconventional Experts, who are irreplaceable

In the not-so-distant future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the face of the workforce. It is inevitable, many of the familiar faces that we now see within the workforce will be replaced by alarmingly unfamiliar faces, that stand atop AI robots. RIGHT NOW, we need to look at the unskilled and mid-skilled labor force and develop those workers who can rise above the positions that will eventually be replaced by AI. RIGHT NOW, we need to study the qualities that define expert, and start looking for these qualities within existing employees and new hires.

Within this web-labyrinth, we are going to explore expert-level potential. It is important that we do so, because AI will soon challenge the division of labor, as we know it. Those who rise above AI, will not be replaced by AI. Those who find mastery, will be irreplaceable.

Within the modules that follow, we will champion Unconventional Experts. They are quite different than Traditional Establishment Experts, as their area of expertise surrounds relevant information, through the use of the internet as a tool. They strategize. They create ideas, test ideas and fail. They use failure as a platform for new and better ideas. Within their journey, they find mastery. Within a Culture of Experts, they deliver achievement.

Prefacing Article

AI: What Jobs will it replace?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the next world-altering technological advancement. Soon, AI software applications, AI robots and AI self-driving vehicles will be advanced enough to outperform humans with many tasks, eliminating far more jobs than they add. AI adoption will be a matter of economics and companies that chose to ignore obvious financial advantages will not be able to compete …

Culture of Experts

A quick introduction

Leadership steers the ship, but their clearest vision can only reach as far as their ship’s capabilities. To grow, leadership must deepen the distance of sight … but first, expand the capabilities of their ship …


Module #1

Unconventional Positions

Before we take a look at the talent side of Culture of Experts, we will set a foundational perspective, by looking at the positions that they might fill. For the purpose of this web-labyrinth, we will split an organization’s internal position into four groups …


Module #2

Unconventional Expert Characteristics

In the age of the internet, information is quickly at our fingertips. Because of this, there is a new breed of experts. Where Traditional Establishment Experts are deeply rooted within stationary schools of thought, this new breed of experts will thrive on real-time information, with the use of the internet as a tool. Outside of a standardized way of thinking, they will focus on the relevancy of information …

Module #3

Expert-Trek: The Journey to Mastery

The expert-trek is more than an individual work-process or work-journey. It is an expert’s long-term commitment to achieve mastery within a chosen circumference of expertise. When Traditional Establishment Experts commit to an expert-trek, their circumference of expertise is generally outlined by their profession or trade, and mastery is expected …

Module #4


In this module, we will look at where the lines are drawn between work-process and company-process and ask the question: If an unconventional expert has an individual work-process that leads them to achievement, can parts of this process be replicated to help other employees reach achievement? …

Module #5

Mentor-Protege Structure

In this module, we’ll look at process-replication from a different angle. We will splitting up an expert-level position so that some parts can be assigned to a potential Unconventional Expert, within a mentor-protege structure …


Module #6

Unconventional Projects

Previously, we looked at Unconventional Experts at play, that is, studying their characteristics as they bask in their favorite hobbies. Within hobbies, we can see the complexity of their work-process, even though they are not getting paid to work. In this module, we will will look deeper into their complexities and their work within the scope of a project …

Culture of Experts is a free talent program by Human Castle Executive Search. For expert recruitment visit us at www.humancastle.com or call (716)222-3535.

Module #7


Ideas expand business. Ideas can make process more efficient, spark customer service, improve sales strategies and shape marketing programs. Ideas create new products and services. Even though the term intellectual property is often associated with copyrights, trademarks and patents, they are simply ideas that belong to the company that created them …

Module #8

Unconventional Wisdom

wis·dom – the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment.

con·ven·tion·al wis·dom – a generally accepted theory or belief.

un·con·ven·tion·al wis·dom – the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment; within a theory or belief that is not generally accepted …

Module #9

Behavior Within Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has an organic component, which is the group dynamics that occurs when human beings come together for a unified purpose. Group dynamics can be different from department to department, however, there is always a company-wide dynamic that might be better described as an impression …

Module #10

An Expert-Driven Organization

As Unconventional Experts forge their own path, leadership will need to make sure that their achievements are moving in a direction that is advantageous to the company. In this module, we will look at ways to assure forward progress, when initiating a Culture of Experts …

Module #11

Corporate Culture Assessment

This web-labyrinth includes a corporate culture assessment. This assessment allows company leadership and HR professionals to rate their own corporate culture to see if it currently reflects a Culture of Experts. Modules #1 through #10 have these questions in blue boxes, at the bottom of each page. This module puts all of these boxes together in one place, so readers have the option of taking the assessment here …

Module #12

Culture of Experts Interview Questions

This web-labyrinth includes Culture of Experts interview questions. These interview questions can help company leadership and HR professionals hire Unconventional Experts. Modules #1 through #9 have these questions in green boxes, at the bottom of each page. This module puts all of these boxes together …

Module #13

Recruiting Experts

The ability to add exceptional talent to an organization is one of the most important qualities of leadership. Another important quality of leadership is delegation. However, if leadership delegates responsibilities and tasks associated with talent acquisition, at what point are they overly removed from the process? …

Module #14

Mentoring Students – The Expert Way

It is important to encouraging students to chose an educational path that can lead them to a place that is rich with opportunity. They should also understand that they have the ability, if not responsibility, to become experts at whatever it is they do …


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Culture of Experts is a free talent program by Human Castle Executive Search. For expert recruitment visit us at www.humancastle.com or call (716)222-3535.

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